Welcome to Cannaworx, Inc

Cannaworx Consulting specializes in providing planning, staffing and management for any cannabis business, whether it be a cannabis cultivation center, a cannabis processing company, or cannabis dispensary operations. We also create brands and cannabinoid-specific formulas for clinical trials, private firms and doctors.

Cannaworx offers a complete solution providing consistent access to hybridized cannabis strains, customized specific cannabinoid products to the cannabis business industry while maintaining highly experienced, trained industry experts, detailed cannabis data management, labor force management and proprietary formulations from high performance labs and grow facilities.

The Cannaworx team includes industry professionals with over 100 years of diversified business experience, The team has a vast national network of cannabis scientists, medical specialists, new product developers industry experts to assist with any needs.

Cannaworx strategic partners include Cannabis Career Institute, Cannabis State University, CannaJobs, CannaTrends, CannaFlavors, Cannaworx Consultants, Green Dot Delivery and more.

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Genome Bank, Hybridization and Tissue Culture

Cannaworx has the scientists needed to develop a genome, seed, and tissue culture bank. CannaWorx will leverage on this capability and build a genome library to support its agriculture and grow functions. This will ensure access to strain specific source materials.

Extracts and Concentrates

Cannaworx is committed to making high quality medical cannabis products available to those in need, both for patients and clinical trials. CannaWorx has a vast team of medical professionals who work with us to continually advance our research and the resulting products.

Cannaworx has acquired an advanced CLCO2 system from Innovative Extractions and is adding distillation, alcohol, and temperature driven extraction and concentration processes.

The Cannaworx products are created in a clean and natural environment that supports high quality medicinal products that are tested and wholesome. We welcome inquiries from scientists, doctors and patients worldwide.

Cannaworx provides services to small businesses and scientists that are currently working within the cannabis industry.